Term Definition Academic Record Academic information kept on file by the school. This record includes transcripts of grades, test scores, and related academic materials. Accrued Interest The interest that accumulates on the unpaid principal balance of a loan. ACT (American College Testing Program) A nonprofit agency that designs and administers tests used by college and […]

You should be aware of how much you are going to need to spend for college. Before you make your final decision regarding higher education, you should consider all of your options and calculate how much you have to spend. Terms used when calculating your total cost: Tuition and FeesThe cost for instruction and lab

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What is financial aid? Financial aid for college comes from a variety of government and private programs: Grants – do not have to be repaid Scholarships – (competitive) not repaid Loans – must be repaid after the student leaves college Work-Study – wages for work performed (check with your school’s financial office) How can anyone afford this? Regardless of

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For specific program authorization matters, please contact: Helen Dunford helen.dunford@ode.state.or.usFor all matters pertaining to instate programs Alethia Miller alethia.miller@ode.state.or.usFor all matters pertaining to out-of-state programs Juan Báez-Arévalo juan.baez-arevalo@ode.state.or.usFor matters pertaining to the oversight of the ODA program and Private Post-secondary Education in Oregon The Office of Degree Authorization is committed to assisting institutions seeking program approval to operate

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As of May 21, 2013, The Adverse Impact law previously in place has been repealed. HB 3341 repealed the requirement that community colleges enter into agreement with for-profit higher education before implementing potentially duplicative postsecondary programs.

What is “accreditation”? Accreditation is a process of external quality review created and used by higher education to scrutinize colleges, universities and [degree] programs for quality assurance and quality improvement. — Judith Eaton, President of the Council on Higher Education Accreditation Accreditation is an indicator that an institution has met a set of accepted standards

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The ODA validates individual claims of degree possession, enforces restrictions on use of an unapproved degree in Oregon and on substandard or fraudulent degree-granting activities, and provides degree evaluation services to individuals (and employers of these individuals) wishing to use an unaccredited degree from another state or country in Oregon. Our office also provides updated

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In Oregon, there are 2 categories of statutory exemption: RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION – Non-profit religious schools that offer only degrees in theology or religious occupations. OTHER EXEMPT INDEPENDENT COLLEGES – Non-profit regionally-accredited schools that have operated successfully under ODA authorization for more than 5 consecutive years. Quick Facts about exempt status in Oregon… Exemption is determined by the