Choosing a Career

Career Planning

What are your skills and interest areas?
Skills and interests are important evaluation tools in finding a career that will fit you. Ask yourself what you enjoy and why. Make sure to evaluate all aspects of your life, even ones that seem insignificant.

  • Make a list of skills.
    These can be anything from being a positive thinker to being active in the community or volunteer organizations.
  • Make a list of interests.
    Interests are activities that you enjoy. Pay attention to why you like a particular activity.

My Skills
Good writer
Active in the community

My Interests
Graphic Design
Taking care of kids

Once you have created your lists, prioritize them in order of importance. Use these lists to help you determine a career path to take.

What type of career are you looking for? Where do your skills and interests fit in?
To help narrow your choices and focus on your interests, create a career goal and plan. The more specific you can be, the better. If you have no idea what you want to do, it is still worthwhile to write down ideas. The next step is to analyze what steps you need to take in order to fulfill your goals.

Career Goal:
To become a medical professional


  • Bachelor’s degree in fields like pre-dental, pre-medical, general science, etc.
  • Doctoral degree in specialized fields like dentistry, pediatrics, or orthodontia
  • Science and mathematical academic strength
  • Good work ethic
  • Excellent study skills
  • Strong moral values

Current skills and accomplishments:

  • 3.8 GPA cumulative for high school
  • 4.0 GPA for math and science courses
  • Strong study skills

Plan to Reach Career Goal:

  • Job Experience: Find job at a doctor’s office.
  • Internship Experience: Find internship through a career center.
  • Networking: Join organization or club in specialized area, such as a pre-dental club or pre-med club.