Giving Options

OSAC professionals can work closely with you to ensure that your assets may be used to open doors for Oregon students.

Options beyond the donation of actual dollars for scholarships include:

1.Stock Transfers from Publicly Traded Companies. We can facilitate the transfer of stock(s) or bond(s) using the services of a brokerage firm with whom we have had a long-term working relationship. Your contribution will be assessed using the cost basis at time of purchase.

2.List OSAC as a Beneficiary in Your Will. Scholarship funding can be provided for in your will with very easy-to-use language. A sample is listed below:All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate I give, devise and bequeath unto the Office of Student Access and Completion Jane and John Doe Student Aid Fund, to provide financial aid to students studying at the undergraduate and/or graduate level. Award(s) will be made to applicants demonstrating the need for financial assistance and the academic aptitude necessary for the successful completion of college programs. Applicants must also demonstrate a planned relationship between their college programs of study and their career objectives. Said endowment shall be administered according to the rules and regulations adopted by the Oregon Student Access Commission.

3.Name OSAC as a Beneficiary when You Retire from a Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Choose Payout Option “Refund Annuity Option” or “15-Year Certain Option” when you complete your PERS retirement paperwork.

4.Name OSAC as the Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy. We will work with your insurance broker to establish rules for a scholarship program to be funded with the proceeds of an insurance policy designating the scholarship as a beneficiary.

5.Donate by Setting up a Payroll Deduction Plan with Your Employer. Some companies will match charitable contributions made by their employees to the Office of Student Access and Completion. Check with your human resources department to find out if this option is available where you work.