The process for review and authorization of a degree program in Oregon depends to a certain extent on the institution’s legal status in the home state or country and existing accreditation status. All programs are subject to an extensive evaluation of all aspects of the college’s academic programs and administrative operations. Authorizations are effective for a two-year period. Application for re-authorization of an existing program must be submitted 6 months prior to expiration of the authorization, to ensure continuous authorization.

Institutions required to seek authorization by ODA, include …
Most private colleges and universities in Oregon:All out-of-state and international colleges and universities:
Private for-profit colleges and universities with an Oregon campus,Private non-profit colleges and universities with a recently-established Oregon campusReligious colleges and universities offering non-religious degree programsOut-of-state community colleges, and public colleges, universitiesOut-of-state private colleges and universities, whether non-profit or for-profit, including religious institutionsInternational colleges, including programs jointly offered by a school in Oregon, if the partner school would need ODA authorization to operate independently in Oregon.
Quick Facts about Academic Program Authorization in Oregon…
  • Each degree program is individually reviewed to ensure that the program meets Oregon standards.
  • Each practicum program is individually evaluated to ensure that students are adequately supervised at the site.
  • All programs related to licensed professions are expected to meet licensure standards in Oregon.