OSAC Informational Podcasts

The Oregon Student Access Commission is pleased to introduce a series of podcasts devoted to topics of interest to students, adult learners, families, and other key audiences. Check back regularly for new podcasts on a wide range of topics, such as; finding funds for college, applying for scholarships, filing for education tax credits and refunds, and much more! Click on any of the topics below.

For Students & Parents
  • Applying for Schools & Early Admission (Transcript)
  • Applying for Scholarships (Transcript)
  • FAFSA (Transcript)
  • Student Budget – How I am Paying for College (Transcript)
  • Understanding Your Award Letter (Transcript)
  • Campus Visits (Transcript)
  • General Testing Information (Transcript)
  • Oregon College Differences (Transcript)
  • Disclosing Disabilities in College (Transcript)
  • What is Incight (Transcript)
  • Tips for High School Juniors (Transcript)
  • Tips for High School Seniors (Transcript)
  • Making the Most of a College Fair (Transcript)
  • Tips for Effective College & Scholarship Essays (Transcript)
  • Avoiding Scholarship Scams (Transcript)
  • Financial Aid for Former Foster Youth (Transcript)
  • The OSAC Scholarship App Process & Interview (Transcript)
  • A Testimonial of the OSAC Scholarship App Experience (Transcript)
  • The Top 20 Things Every College Freshman Should Know (Transcript)
  • Strategies to Succeed in College (Transcript)
  • Federal Work Study (Transcript)
For ASPIRE Coordinators
  • Summer Bridge Activities for ASPIRE’s Community-Based Organizations (Transcript)
  • Effectively Using Facebook to Promote Your ASPIRE Program (Transcript)
  • Recruiting Volunteers (Transcript)
For ASPIRE Volunteers
  • Using Cooperative Language When Mentoring Teens in ASPIRE (Transcript)
  • Effective Mentoring (Transcript)
Available Players

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