One of the best ways to pay for your education is with scholarships. Every year, there are thousands of scholarships available with a variety of unique requirements. As you begin your search, keep in mind your skills, interests, heritage, field of study, and state of residency. You should also keep track of your activities, both academic and extracurricular. Many scholarships are based on your association with particular groups and/or your involvement in certain activities – so don’t rule anything out until the very end!

Scholarships are basically “grants” to students who meet conditions defined by the entity giving the money. Many organizations, agencies, and businesses – including colleges – offer scholarships. You can search through books about scholarships, available in libraries and high school guidance offices. You can also access Career Information Systems, a computerized service available in most Oregon high schools and community colleges. And don’t forget the web – we’ve listed some important links below.

How to Apply

In order to receive the maximum amount of financial aid that you are eligible for, you need to make sure to complete all the necessary steps.

Why should you apply?

  1. Free Money
    You don’t have to repay any scholarship award that you receive. The money assists you in paying for college – without having to worry about paying it back. You can also receive more than just one scholarship, so apply for as many as you are eligible!
  2. Less Stress
    When you receive a scholarship, you reduce the amount of “other money” you need to pay for college – and you may even eliminate the need for loans altogether. Less debt means less stress, both during school, when you can focus on your college education instead of how to pay for school, and afterwards, when you’ll be ready for the working world, a vehicle, an apartment…
  3. You Qualify
    All of your unique qualifications, including your school work, extracurricular activities, sports involvement, heritage, and special interests can help you get that perfect scholarship. Even if you are not very academically strong, you still have a chance of getting money for college.