What OSAC Volunteers have to say…

“I enjoy evaluating scholarship applications and helping decide who is awarded. I want to ensure that the spirit of a donor’s wishes are followed and I like to play a part in helping students pay for their education.”— Cap Sharples

“I volunteer for OSAC because I believe in the mission of providing Oregon students with scholarship help to attend college. The value of completing one application for over 400 scholarships helps students. Oregon has a unique system, and, as a high school counselor, I knew this was good for my students. With budget problems in our state, I know volunteer help makes this program successful.”— Julia Keizur

“Being an ASPIRE volunteer keeps me in tune with the minds of our young people. And there is the added benefit of working with a smooth—running operation: I have supplies and assistance when I need them, my concerns are thoughtfully reviewed, and it is great to be working in a ‘cutting edge’ activity — successfully helping young people get on with their education.”— David Mesirow

“I became a volunteer with OSAC after my daughter was the recipient of a scholarship. Being very grateful after her college graduation, I wanted to say ‘thank you,’ so I joined Tina’s team of volunteers at OSAC. Tina is very passionate about her job and was fun to work with. My favorite job was collating the packets for the schools in Oregon. It was especially gratifying to box up the packets, because I knew that my daughter, in her new teaching job, would be handing out those packets to a new generation of potential scholarship winners. Volunteering with OSAC helped me experience firsthand both sides of the scholarship process. I applaud the OSAC team for all their hard work in keeping the scholarship opportunities available to students.”— Nancy Honer

“Volunteering for OSAC has been quite rewarding for me. I like that I can fit the hours to match my schedule, and Tina and the rest of the staff are extremely appreciative of the help they receive from the community members that volunteer. I would recommend volunteering for OSAC to anyone who would like to know more about the way Oregon handles it’s scholarship applications, or who wants a fast—paced, seasonal opportunity to give something back to their community.”— Andy Redick

“I’m retired and it gives me a chance to get out, meet & interact with new people while helping out the state budget. This way I can do some good while having fun.”— J.D.Dozier

“I get the feeling of accomplishment, and a sense that I am contributing to the growth of young people who are making positive efforts to make their own lives better and more fulfilling…and my wife, the volunteer coordinator, makes me do it.”— Tom Wilson

“Volunteering for OSAC is a very positive and rewarding experience. The staff there is very organized and helpful, making it an absolute pleasure to offer my time to them. As a volunteer, it is important to me to make a contribution that will make an impact in the lives of others. This agency provides an extremely valuable service to the families and students in Oregon. It benefits students who are seeking a postsecondary education. If you are looking for a way to serve others in your community I highly recommend volunteering at OSAC.”— Shelly M.

“I worked for OSAC for 6 months through the Jobs Plus program. I did everything from front desk reception to shipping and designing certificates. The ladies (AND gentlemen) at OSAC welcomed me with open arms and helped me learn to fly. Everyone there is so fun and full of love and life. Even the most mundane tasks were somehow made enjoyable with everyone’s cheery personalities. To be completely honest, OSAC was the BEST job I have ever had. It broke my heart to have to leave, but I will be back to volunteer! They can’t keep me away that easily!”— Merinda Pulver