Volunteer Opportunities

Discover the many possibilities of volunteering at OSAC!

A volunteer may help:

  • Prepare mailings
  • Collate materials
  • Serve on a scholarship selection committee.
    • Of the nearly 500 private scholarship programs available through our application, 15-20% will be selected and awarded by the all-volunteer, OSAC Selection Committee.
  • Review transcripts for scholarship applications
    • OSAC receives over 15,000 scholarship applications annually, and each must be reviewed for transcript accuracy and completeness.
  • Mentor a middle or high school student in planning for college through OSAC’s ASPIRE program
    • ASPIRE volunteers provide one-on-one mentoring to students throughout Oregon as they prepare for postsecondary education.

Flexible Time Commitment

Volunteers may come weekly, monthly, year-round, seasonally, or just once a year. We do ask selection committee members to commit to at least four meetings per season, and reviewers to commit to at least four review sessions.

Training Provided

OSAC builds on the experience of our volunteers, and conducts training as needed, depending on the project. So, if you come in for a collating project, it may just be 5-minutes of instruction, and off you go! Training for the selection committees and review involves 1-2 hour training sessions, and annual update training. Further assistance is always available during projects.

How to apply

Click here to view and print the general OSAC volunteer application, with position descriptions and criminal background check forms; you may send materials in or drop them by. OSAC handles a great deal of personal and private information, and therefore, conducts criminal records checks on all staff, paid or volunteer.

All volunteers and staff must pass a criminal records check. Click here to see what our volunteers have to say about opportunities at OSAC.